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My name is Andrew and still a student in Hunter College in York City. I specialize in Health Professions which focus on figuring things out to help people of all ages to gain better health.

I have had several researches about how to prolong people’s life expectancy and I found out that the simplest but most effective method is to take part in outdoor sports positively.

While many people come up with the latest sports which are costly, many others know the kinds suitable for their physical conditions and for their financial conditions.

Of course, if we are living in the favorable environment, it is better to try on such sports. However, as usual, there are a wide variety of activities that give us surprising results with less expenditure.

I am now a hiker in the HCH, Hiking club of Hunter. I really enjoy the fresh air in the outside and also enjoy all the challenges that come to us whenever we have hiking trips. Playing sports every day to increase the elasticity is an ideal idea for all people.

The fact is that nearly half of sport players play in a wrong way owing to the lack of knowledge about such kinds. About 70 percent of sport players play as their habits but do not feel satisfied with the results and it is because they are not really passionate for the activities.

Therefore, here in my blog, I would like to tell more about reasons why we ought to improve our health by playing sports. During playing, there will have a lot of obstacles and I also provide tips, tricks and notes to avoid and overcome all of them. I expect that you all will enjoy posts in this blog and appreciate your comment and support.